Digital Scanning Services

Wondering what to do with those shoeboxes full of old photos you have stored away? Allow us to digitize these collections of images for you in order to share them with generations to come!

Murphy's Digital Scanning Services are designed to assist in the preservation of your years worth of memories.

Our Bulk Photo Scanning prices offer you great value when converting hundreds of old prints into digital files. This professional service delivers you high resolution (3024 x 2005) jpeg files stored onto a DVD for your convenience. You may then reprint, share and safely store all your precious photo memories.

Photo restoration and enlargements also available. Bring in your photos to be scanned today to ensure that they will be enjoyed tomorrow, and for years to come.

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Digital Scanning Services
Digital Scanning Services
Print scan up to 8x10 size original
2.00 each
Self-serve scan at kiosk
1.00 each
Bulk print scans to CD
Bulk print scans to CD
Bulk print scans to CD
Bulk print scans to CD
.15 each
35mm Slide Scan to CD *
1.00 each
35mm Slide Scan to CD *
.75 each
From 35mm Strips to CD *
1-100 fr
Photo / Flat Art Copy
15.00 each
Photoshop work
15.00/15 minutes

* Normal scan resolution: 3024 x 2005. Additional fees may apply if scan prep work is needed.

Murphy's Cameras Scanning Service Guidelines

Print Scanning:

  1. All photographs must be removed from photo albums, frames and folders.

  2. Front and back of photos need to be free of any tape, staples, paper clips, glue, and sticky notes.

  3. Photos need to be rotated to their proper vertical and horizontal formats and facing the same direction.

  4. Information on the back side of prints can also be scanned and will count as additional scans. These prints would need to be kept separate.

  5. Certain size and types of photographs may need to be manually scanned and additional cost will be added. Examples would include:

    • Photos mounted on a thicker base

    • Polaroid or Xerox prints

    • Odd or irregular shaped photos (ovals, circles, jagged edged)

    • Fragile, torn, mangled, or excessively curled

    • Non-photo items such as newspaper clips and folded cards

    • All photographs smaller than 2.5 x 3.5 inches or larger than 8 x 10

* Copyrighted images cannot be scanned without a signed release form issued to you by the holder of the copyright.

35mm Negatives:

  1. Organize stripped negatives in the order in which you want them scanned. They may be stored in envelopes or 35mm archival negative pages.

  2. All plastic protective sleeves, sticky notes, staples and tape must be removed from negative strips.

  3. Negative strips with less than two frames can be scanned for an additional charge.

35mm Slides:

  1. Organize slides in groups of 30.

  2. When stacking please place the Non Emulsion (shiny) side facing up.

  3. Any slides with images that are vertical please stack with the top of negative facing to the right as you stack them.

Murphy's Scanning Service is designed for the efficient quality scanning of large numbers of standard, loose individual photographs, negatives and slides. Every attempt to keep photos, negatives and slides in the order in which we receive them will be taken but cannot be guaranteed.